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Count my blessings
Thursday, August 24, 2017 | 9:24 PM | 0 comments

I rarely do blogging but this time it's crucial for me to write this properly, I mean, I can write it anywhere (e.g notebooks, journals, A4 paper) but I think it's important to share with everyone (read: people who actually spend their valuable time to read this crappy post) So, as you can see, I would like to talk about "count my blessings". To be frank, how many of us actually jotted down each and every things that happen in our life, the goods and the bad, the life goals that we've achieved so far, the achievement we made throughout high school/colleges and the list that goes on.... so, would you like to start listing? Uh oh, OK never mind.

(the post will be continue in bilingual cus I love eating rojak and my Malay/English is bad for both so let's combine it to lessen the impact of Grammar nazis from attacking my blog)

Just be honest, how many times kita persoalkan ketentuan Tuhan bila apa yang kita rancang tu tak menjadi? I mean, how many times we said "Ish, kalaulah aku belajar topik tu malam tadi mesti dah dapat dean list" "Kalaulah aku tak sakit masa quiz haritu, markah aku tak akan rendah macam ni". The common usage of word "kalau" and the meaning behind it. Kita lupa yang each and every single thing that happen to us actually dah ditentukan. And the word 'kalau' tu macam kita tak boleh terima apa yang dah ditetapkan. But, what if we actually can change that? I once ask myself how this thing works. Imagine; you're destined to fall from the stairs at 3:45 pm, but luckily, at 3:45 pm, one of your friends is behind your back and manages to pull your shirt. You jatuh tangga dah ditentukan, but that's not the definite thing that will happen to you. Ada 1001 lagi jalan atau lorong yang terbuka, and salah satunya kawan yang tarik baju you tadi and berjaya selamatkan you from any injury. This path or lorong yang terbuka ni actually comes from the efforts we put in, the prayers that we recite every single day, the alternatives plan A or plan B that we plan if our original plan doesn't work like we expect. Like how we say this in Malay (Doa Usaha Ikthiar Tawakal = DUIT ok LOL at this). And God helps us with it. How beautiful it is, right? 

Come back to my previous post about 'things that you should be grateful', you might understand the importance behind counting the blessings that we achieved so far. Super short note; I once regret my decision in deciding what's the best for me for my further studies. But looking back at these past two years, I'm extremely grateful for the workloads and bullshit for 2 years of A-level because it helps me to improve myself, mentally and physically. You'll never know what's the best for you though and just bear in mind, "God knows best, and you don't" Thanks for reading 💓

p/s: i'll continue to talk about this in count my blessings; part 2.

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