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To whine or not to whine;
Monday, April 3, 2017 | 10:45 PM | 0 comments

Got this from someone in twitter, @AriesyaSani so I just like to elaborate my own points on what she said about three things that I consider important;

  1. You must whine. Don't hold everything in, thinking that you must be positive 24/7. It's ok to be a bit negative at times.
  2. Once you've whined, you'll feel relieved. And that's when you'll begin to accept. Acceptance is important.
  3. Know when to stop whining. Know who you should whine to.
I get this a lot before. People constantly asked me why I never whine to people. Why I never show any signs of distress and negativity. Why I never show that I'm in pain. Why should I whine to you when you never want to listen to my whining at the first place?

Being me, I used to listen to people whining about their life. Their relationship. Their friendship. Their love affairs. Their secrets. Their hatred towards someone. All of it. And it feels good to listen to those, knowing that when they're in pain you're actually useful in comforting them. You're actually needed. You're actually important in their life because they trusted you.  Hoping that they'll feel relieved after talking to you. Hoping that they started to accept what you're going to say to them. Hoping that at least some of your advices are useful for them in understanding the reason behind their whining. This is the reasons why I hate to whine to people. I hate the feels that I'll get if no one ever understand me more than I understand myself. But someone said this to me after watching me crying by myself, "You're the only one hurting if you keep everything to yourself"

Then i started to open up. I started to find some good friends that I can trust. Mostly guys because they will listen to my rants, give me some advices (that's mostly not useful) and then forget about it when I started to talk about it again. Kadang kadang geram a bit sebab rasa macam diorang tak pay attention on what I said but sometimes it feels good though because I assumed that they're actually care but they wont bother to tell others about it because it between you and them. They know that no one else should know about it so they decided to not pay too much attention. Meanwhile most of my girl friends asked me about my condition and checked on me occasionally, because they know we doesn't need to contact each other frequently to show that we need each other. We know that we can always seek for each other and ask for help even though we are far apart. Ok now I started to miss high school friends. *sigh*

Being here, I learned that I should know to whom should I whine to. Some people tak boleh faham kita sama macam apa yang kita nak. Some people nak kita faham dia but they won't be there for us pun bila kita need help. Some people will seek for our help bila dia susah and need a shoulder to cry on, bila dah bahagia, blah. And some people think our whining is too petty and started to tell it to others, thinking that it'll become interesting to share with everyone else. It is true that we should know when we need to stop whining and know who should we whine to, because even though it's good to whine once in a while, it's possible that niat kita nak whine to people akhirnya jadi masalah yang lagi besar buat diri kita. 

I used to keep everything to myself lately that I ended up forgetting that I should whine too. I should show that I'm in pain as well.  Ok, so marilah kita whine pada Tuhan. Siapa lagi yang lebih faham kita melainkan Tuhan kita, ye tak?

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